How it works?

Decide which listing package best suits your needs then follow the instructions to complete the setup process.

Once I have received your photos, payment and all signed contracts and listing forms, your home will be listed on the MLS within 24 hours of the listing date stated in your listing contract.  I will email you a copy of the MLS listing for verification. Just let us know if there are any changes that you would like us to make. If there are no changes required, please respond to that email that you APPROVE.

Once your listing is LIVE, I will email you a Showing-Time link so you can download the SHOWINGTIME APP.  This app allows you accept a showing request, view previous showings, and cancel showings from your phone.  The app will also contain feedback if any was given by the showing agent.   This feature is included with the Gold and Platinum MLS listing package but can be purchased for $100 with the Silver MLS listing package.

Agents go online through the MLS to schedule a showing on you home.  The Showing-Time service is accessed by agents through the MLS. Showing-Time with then text the seller the date and time of the showing request.  This eliminates the worry of missing phone calls from an agent.   Agents prefers using the online system rather than having to call a seller directly.  You want to make it easy for agents to show your home and Showing-Time is the best way to do this.  The seller will then confirm by replying YES via text or reject the showing appointment. No showing will be completed without the sellers approval first. 

Buyers that do not have an agent will contact the leave a voice mail that will be forwarded to the seller directly to schedule a showing.  The seller will be required to show their own home to that potential buyer.  If you get a call from an agent wanting to show your home, please direct them to use showing time to schedule their showing.  That way you can keep track of all agents that show your home. 

This option will provide you with valuable feedback from each showing. Once your home has been shown, a survey is emailed to that agent. The agent then completes the survey and the results are emailed back to the seller and Mink Realty.  It can sometimes take a couple days before the showing agent will provide feedback so please be patient.  This feature is included with the Gold and Platinum MLS listing package but can be purchased for $100 with the Silver MLS listing package.

Offers made on Seller's property will come directly to Mink Realty, at which time will be forwarded to the Seller.   The seller will confirm receipt of the offer then the seller is required to sign a Seller Agency form before beginning negotiations with the buyer's agent.  This form can be found on my website under seller info.  With the Silver and Gold MLS listing packages, the seller will negotiate directly with the buyers agent.  Once the seller has an executed purchase contract it should be forwarded to me immediately so I can mark your property pending in the MLS.  (I am required to mark the property pending within 24 hours of receiving an accepted offer.  This is a MLS RULE).  Please make sure all pages are initialed and time/date stamped and the "accepted box" checked with the accepted date and time on the last page of the contract.   In Kentucky if you are married, both parties MUST initial and sign all contracts and addendums.  It's a state law.

With the Platinum MLS listing package, I will review the offer, go over it with you and assist in negotiations with the buyers agent.

A home inspection is usually ordered by the Buyer within 14 days after an offer has been accepted . Once complete, taking into consideration the inspection findings, the Buyer's Agent will send the seller or Mink Realty a "Repair Request" of items the Buyer requests to have repaired prior to closing, which will be forwarded to Seller for response. At that point the seller can either agree to make repairs or counter with what they agree to repair, if anything. Keep in mind, this all a part of the negotiations. The Buyer can "walk away" from a contract if they choose to do so up until both parties have agreed to the repair request list. Once that agreement has been signed by both parties, neither the Buyer nor the Seller can legally back out of the contract.  Please let me know once the inspection phase has been completed and the buyer intends on moving forward with the purchase.

The closing usually takes place anywhere from 30-60 days from the contract date.  I will forward you information from the title company that will be handling your closing as soon as I receive it. Please keep me in the loop as to when the closing date is going to be.