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The PLATINUM Limited Service MLS listing package includes the MLS listing on the local REALTOR® MLS.  The MLS uploads to all the other national real estate websites. This package also includes our Mink Realty yard sign.  If you are located in the Louisville or Southern Indiana Area you may pick up the sign from our office.  You must agree to return our sign once your home has sold or you will be charged a $200 fee on your credit card.  You may also choose to have the sign shipped to for a fee of $15.00, however that does not include the frame.  You do not have to return this sign.   A frame that holds a 18x24 sign can be purchased at Home Depot for around $16.00.    

Once I receive an offer on your home, I will send you a text message with the terms of the offer once I have a chance to review it.  I will also forward it to you via email so you can review it as well.   If your property is located in Kentucky, you must sign a seller agency form (for each offer that is received) and return it to me prior to the start of negotiations with the buyer's agent.

I will go over the offer with you and answer any questions you have. Once you decide how you want to respond to the offer you will email me and I will forward your respond to the buyer's agent.  Negotiations will go back and forth via email with the buyer’s agent until both the buyer and the seller have reached an agreement on all the terms on the contract.  Once all negotiations have been completed and both parties have agreed to the terms in the contract, the buyer's agent will re-write a new contract with all the agreed upon terms and send it back to me.  I will then forward to you to sign.  You will have to print out the contract, both initial the bottom of each page of the contract and sign the acceptance on the last page.  In Kentucky both husband and wife must sign the contract.   In Indiana whoever is on the title must sign the contract.  Once signed, then scan and email back to both the buyer's agent and me.  If you do not have a good PRINTER AND SCANNER you can select the electronic document signing option for $50 per document.

I will then mark your property pending in the MLS.  I am required by the local MLS to mark the home PENDING within 24 hours of an accepted contract.

After the home inspection the buyer's agent will email me a repair request.  I will forward that to you as soon as I receive it.  You will need to decide what you agree have repaired.  I would suggest you do a price adjustment in lieu of making repairs.  Your response is due back to the buyers within the timeframe according to what was stated in the contract.  This is very important. 

When I receive info from the title company, I will forward that info to you.  You will need to contact the title company and provide them with the information they need for the closing.   They will need your social security numbers and mortgage information for payoff. 

With this package the seller will owe the buyer’s agent a commission of 2.5% -3% (whichever the seller chose when listing).  You are responsible for holding your own open house.  If your find a buyer that does not have an agent, NO COMMISSION IS DUE to a buyer's agent.  If needed, Mink Realty can write up the offer for you, as long as all the terms have been agreed upon ahead of time for an additional flat fee of $500.  If you would like to have full representation and have assistance with negotiations between the buyer and seller, write up the offer on agreed terms, assist with home inspections, repair requests, and assistant with the title company for closing, we can do that for a flat fee of $1,500. 

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