Your listing contract was just email to you.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL! Then print and sign.  Both husband and wife must initial and sign.  This is a state law.

Next choose MLS system and input your data.  This is the data about your home that goes into the MLS system.   Only choose one!

                        FLORIDA MLS'S

CLICK HERE FOR RASM - Realtor Association of Sarasota and Manatee County

                            KENTUCKY MLS's       

CLICK HERE for GLAR - Greater Louisville MLS input

CLICK HERE  for GLAR - Greater Louisville "LAND or LOT" MLS input 

CLICK HERE for LBAR - Lexington MLS input 

CLICK HERE for LBAR - Lexington LAND or LOT MLS input

CLICK HERE for RASK - Bowling Green MLS input 

CLICK HERE for NKAR - Northern Kentucky MLS input