Property Data Input to the Greater Louisville MLS

Enter 00 if no HOA fee
enter NONE if no hoa
Enter NA if no HOA
Enter NONE if NA
enter 0 if NA
total # of rooms excluding bathrooms
Please give turn by turn directions
Total # of room excluding bathrooms
1st floor Laundry(Required)
1st Fl Primary Bedroom(Required)
Laundry Level
enter 0 is NA
enter 0 if NA
Flood Plain(Required)
Must be in a SINGLE paragraph with a max limit of 800 characters on the first page but buyers can click MORE in the next section for more info. Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on Race, Color, National, Origin, Religion, Sex, Familial Status or Disability. Remember to always describe the property - not the people who will be living there!!
If additional description is needed.
Construction Type(Required)
Basement Description(Required)
Lot Description
Rooms on main level(Required)
Rooms on 2nd Floor(Required)
Rooms in Lower Level(Required)
example: 12 x 24
example: 12 x 24
example: 12 x 18
example: 12 x 24
example: 12 x 24
example: 12 x 18
example: 12 x 18
example: 12 x 18
Condo/Subdivision Amenities
Location of Parking
Showing Service(Required)
Showing-Time is an online scheduling system that the buyer's agent uses to schedule a showing on your home.  You will receive a text message either requesting a showing or a confirmation of the day and time of the showing.  Once the showing is confirmed, the agent is then given the instructions on how they access the property.  This is usually the lock box combination code and the location of the lock box.  Once your listing goes LIVE, you will be emailed a link to download the Showing-Time app.
All properties SHOULD have a lock box on property. When Agents schedule a showing online through the Showing-Time system, the lock box code will automatically be given to them once you have confirmed the showing so the Realtor can access the lock box code to your home. If no lock box is used it could cause confusion for the buyer's agent. This is an automated system so Realtors do not have to make phone calls to set up showing (which they do not like to do).
Open House(Required)
With the Gold and Platinum MLS listing package you may schedule 1 Open house during the initial setup FOR FREE, just list the date and time below. If you wish to set up your open house at a later time you will be charged a $25 to set fee as well as any additional open houses. The Open house setup form can be found under seller options.
Did you order a Mink Realty yard sign?(Required)